EGT - Time Zone Information for Eastern Greenland Time

EGT:Time Zone information for Ittoqqortoormiit
Photo: Johan Siegers, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Time Zone NameEGT
EGT Time Zone DescriptionEastern Greenland Time
EGT Time Zone OffsetUTC−01 Hours
Corresponding Daylight Saving Time for EGTEastern Greenland Summer Time (EGST)
Daylight Saving Time Starts by26 March 2023
Daylight Saving Time Ends by29 October 2023
What to do when Daylight Saving Time Starts in EGTClocks to be forwarded by 1 hour
Countries following EGT in Winter & EGST in SummerEastern parts of Greenland
Countries following EGT in both summer and winter
Cities following EGT in Winter & EGST in SummerIttoqqortoormiit, Neerlerit Inaat
Cities following EGT in both Summer and Winter
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