"Autumn-time, thy scenes and shades Are pleasing to the tasteful eye;"

writes John Clare on Autumn in "The Village Minstrel".

Autumn is one of the four seasons of the Earth mostly experienced in Temperate or tepid regions i.e, between the tropics and the polar regions. As autumn makes the transition into winter, to better survive the winter conditions during autumn all the deciduous trees shed their leaves. During autumn the temperature cools significantly and the night arrives early.

The countryside becomes so beautiful as the leaves change colors and people like travelling to watch this spectacular sceneries in the mild weather of autumn.

When the Northern Hemisphere of Earth is in autumn the Southern Hemisphere will experience spring and when the Southern Hemisphere experiences autumn the Northern Hemisphere of Earth will experience spring.

In North America autumn starts on September Equinox and ends on winter solstice. In North America both The Halloween and the Thanks Giving celebrations fall during the autumn season. In Southern Hemisphere, Easter celebrations fall in the autumn season. The Jewish Sukkot festival is also a autumn harvest festival. The Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival in China is celebrated during the middle of the autumn season. © 2019