Cayman Islands To Follow Daylight Saving Time From March2016

From March 2016, Cayman Islands will join the group of nations following Daylight Saving Time. Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin has told the Speaker of the house that the benefits are clear with the DST time changes and the government is looking forward to go for Daylight Saving Time by 2016.

He has told that the benefits of moving following Daylight Saving Time include conducting business with ease by synching with NYC time, avoiding confusions during travel and the benefits that will be realised by cruise ships, tour operators, taxi operators and several small business owners.

Most importantly he also highlighted that the island travellers will enjoy an hour of extra daylight in the evenings and the blessing people will enjoy after a hard day of work.

The decision of following DST in Cayman Islands was arrived after a recent public survey conducted by the Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce and Environment

“The move to DST has potential benefits for the traditional pillars of our community – tourism and financial services,” Commerce Minister Wayne Panton of Cayman Islands told prior to the survey.

The large client base and the volume of business with New York was also a major driving factor to go for DST in Cayman Islands from 2016. © 2019