Supermoon 2016 occurs on 14th Nov 2016 and in some places like Australia it is 15th Nov 2016.

On a SuperMoon day Earth enjoys a 14% increased disk size of the moon and 30 % more moonlight.

Supermoon 2016
Supermoon 2016 CC Image of Todd Shoemake

A SuperMoon is realized in Earth when the following conditions are met

  1. It is a full moon day. Though it can happen on a new moon day it will not be visible to us.
  2. The maximum distance of Moon from the Earth is at its relative minimum

In astronomical terms the perigee of the moon, which is the closest point of the moon in its lunar orbit is at its annual minimum when a Super Moon occurs.

The earth to moon distance typically varies from 356400 Kilometers to 370400 Kilometers. When the Supermoon happens the Earth-Moon distance decreases approximately by 40000 KMs. The resulting lunar disk size of the moon is at its highest(depending upon the period)l eading to maximum illumination and a bigger moon disk size.

Though there is no direct evidence of natural disasters like Earth Quake and Tsunami are due to super moon, the following events in the past have happened roughly around the super moon

  1. Thoku earthquake and tsunami
  2. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
  3. 2016 Kaikoura earthquake of New Zealand © 2019