Tuesday is the second business day of the week in several countries. The ISO 8601 standard as well considers Tuesday as the second day of the week. However in several religious calendars Tuesday is considered as the third day of the week.

Tuesday is named after the Norse God Týr or Tiw - meaning "the day of Tiw". In old English “day of Tiw” - Tiwesdæg - means Tuesday, which is based on the Latin Dies Martis that regards Týr with planet Mars.

In most of the traditions including Indian and Japanese culture - Tuesday is associated as the Day of Mars.

In the United States of America, federal elections are conducted on Tuesdays - that is on the day after the first Monday in the month of November. During the 19th century most of the American society was agrarian and they had to travel long distances to vote during the election. Voting on Monday would be difficult if they start travelling on Sunday hence Tuesday was selected as the Election Day. Also November was the perfect month for people to vote as it comes after the harvest and before the fierce winter season.

The Tuesday on October 24, 1929 is referred as the Black Tuesday - as the New York Stock exchange crashed wiping out of billions of dollars of share holder Money. In the following days to come after The Black Tuesday - America went through the Great Depression(1929-1939) the longest economic downturn in the history.

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